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    Our mission is to provide a creative and supportive environment for young adults
    to grow as musicians and people.

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    Music of Argentina

    If you want to feel the unique South American flavor, join us for an evening with the music and dance from Argentina.

    A Night of Jazz

    Are you a fan of Ella Fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra? Then this concert is just what you need! Partake in the night of improvisation.

    Music of Many Nations

    Our musicians will present you with an amazing experience and unforgettable impressions with their stunning musical odyssey.

    History of the Piano

    Are you as passionate about the piano as we are? Then join a practical class taught by some of the best pianists in the world.

    A Night of Classical Music

    Are you an admirer of Frederic Chopin or Antonio Vivaldi? Then this concert will be right up your alley! The night full of inspiration.

    History of the Saxophone

    Are you as passionate about the saxophone as we are? Then join a theoretical class to learn more about the instrument’s origin and history.

    Music of the United States

    If you want to feel the unique North American flavor, join us for an evening of music and dance from the United States.

    History of the Guitar

    Are you as passionate about the guitar as we are? If so, you are welcome to attend a unique class taught by the living legend.

    Clients Say

    „Rythmo Music School –  is the best desicion!“

    Rythmo Music School –  is the best thing we ever did for our son. All staff  are wonderful musicians and excellent teachers. They are very patient to give each student full attention. Their enthusiasm for music is contagious.

    Amanda Jefferson

    Amanda Jefferson

    “Thank you for the excellent service”

    Music to me is like learning a new language, and Rythmo Music School has a great ability to translate it into something meaningful and understandable. They celebrate my successes with me and build me back up when I struggle.

    Daniela Jeferson

    „Rythmo School really cares about the students!“

    I am very glad to study in this school. I have improved so much as a saxophonist. My perspectives have changed in so many ways and continue to evolve, in positive ways, with each course I complete. This place is a jewel!

    Alice Wilson

    Musical Instruments

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    Aktuelle Information

    Update 3. Januar 2021

    Seit Oktober 2020 gelten neue Massnahmen auch an den Musikschulen. Neu gilt Maskenpflicht für alle Erwachsene auf allen Stufen. Schüler der Oberstufe müssen im Unterricht ebenfalls eine Maske tragen auch während dem Unterricht. Ausgenommen sind Schüler, welche aus medizinischen Gründen, keine Maske tragen können - Schweizweite Maskenpflicht-

    Aktuelle Informationen gibt es auch unter der Website des Kanton Bern.

    Somit gilt auch bei uns an der Schlagzeugschule Maskenpflicht. 😷

    Wir bitten zudem bei Krankheitssymptomen oder Unwohlsein uns bescheid zu geben bzw. sich abzumelden. Auch beim Warten auf das Corona Testergebnis.

    Weitere Informationen zur Situation und wie diese an unserer Schule geregelt wird gibt es hier.

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    Allgemeine Frage